Juice Plus Research

Show me the Juice Plus Research.

Juice Plus Research – 31 Peer Reviewed and Published Studies.
The most thoroughly researched name brand nutritional product available. Evidence based and clinically proven. Renowned universities and research institutes around the world have been researching Juice Plus products for more than 20 years. The findings Study Results are published regularly in scientific journals.


What makes a scientific paper Gold Standard?

  • Methodologies – Randomised, Placebo Controlled, Crossover
  • Unbiased – Double Blind
  • Sample Size – Statistical Relevance
  • Peer Reviewed

What does the Juice Plus Research show?

  • 18 Clinical Studies show that Juice Plus delivers key antioxidants and other nutrients that are absorbed in the body
  • 11 Clinical Studies show that Juice Plus reduces oxidative stress*
  • 3 Clinical Studies show that Juice Plus positively impacts multiple parameters of inflammation
  • 4 Clinical Studies show that Juice Plus supports a normal, healthy immune system
  • 7 Clinical Studies show that Juice Plus supports cardiovascular wellness
  • 1 Clinical Study show that Juice Plus supports healthy skin
  • 1 Clinical Study shows that Juice Plus supports healthy gums

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*Free Radical – A highly reactive molecule that causes damage to fats, proteins and DNA

*Oxidative Stress – Physiological stress caused by the cumulative damage done by free radicals (oxidants) inadequately neutralsed by anti- oxidants

*Antioxidant – A substance, such as Vitamin E, vitamin C or beta carotene that protects cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.

Quality Manufacturing and Testing

· Manufacturing facilities and finished products are certified by NSF, an independent quality assurance testing service
· Juice Plus meets or exceeds all GMP Requirements
· Juice Plus contains everything listed on the label and nothing not listed
· Tested to assure no unacceptable contamination is present.


juice plus research

Why use Juice Plus premium capsules?
· Juice Plus is encapsulated pulp from fruits and vegetables that is ripe, raw and kept alive.
· The sugar and the water has been removed from the fruits, vegetables and berries.
· No oxygen is within the capsule resulting in no breakdown of nutrients.
· The phytonutrients from within 30 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and berries is released into the bloodstream every day.
· Convenient and effective
· Affordable
· Gives us Energy
· Keeps us Healthy

What does Juice Plus do?
Juice Plus does not claim to cure anything! It is only fruits, vegetables and berries! The food of nature!

Some of the benefits  of Juice Plus that people have experienced include: lower cholesterol, less stress, better sleep, less desire for sweets, more energy, more regularity, better sleep, reduced arthritis pain, desire for more fruits and vegetables.