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Family nutritionFamily Nutrition – Healthy Eating

Family nutrition and health  is very important within the company.  The Juice Plus company understands that good nutrition starts at an early age and parents can set a good example for their children. This is why the Children’s Health Study has been introduced.

This involves an observational study which is conducted over several years. The aim of the Juice Plus Children’s Health Study is to determine the effect of Juice Plus on the eating behaviour of children/young people and adults when it is added to the family diet.

Why participate?

More and more children are becoming overweight due to lack oJuice Plus Children Health Studyf exercise and bad nutrition. Teaching children at an early age about healthy eating can set them on the right path for life.

In the Western World, it is reported that more than 20% of children are affected by being overweight.

By introducing healthy eating and a balanced diet, children quickly notice how much better and stronger they feel.

When you take part, you are giving you and your family the opportunity to supplement your daily diet sensibly with range of ingredients from  fruits, vegetables and berries.

The benefits of family nutrition

The Juice Plus product is free of charge for your child if you also use the product yourself. The emphasis here is on the parent being the role model. This is the key to a healthy diet for children and young adults. They look to the parent as an example.

The results aided by Juice Plus

With over a million children worldwide taking part, 80 percent of the participants eat less fast food, drink less sweetened drinks and eat more fruit and vegetables.

What to do?

Do you want to do more for you and your children by taking Juice Plus ? In taking part in the study, you are doing this by improving family health.

Simply order Juice Plus for one year. Juice Plus is then provided FREE for one year to children and adolescents between 4 and 21.